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Auckland Airport

Alliance AV had the opportunity to provide Audio Visual solutions for the TUMI, Kate Spade and Micheal Kors retail stores at Auckland International Airport.

The brand we choose to handle video and audio distribution was Extron as its proven longevity is something we wanted on this site, as these venues are on the customs side and working 24/7.

The vertical displays consisted of 4 Panasonic high brightness video wall displays and a 32″ LG touch screens where shoppers could change product colour or size and order while in the store specific to the individual.

C3 City Church, Tauranga

Understanding modern church is something that takes time and experience. I’ve spent many years behind the audio console mixing and training young Christians the ins and outs of production.

The scope of this project consisted of 2 classrooms that can be combined to 1 larger function room. Each having a 75″ professional display and music speakers capable of hosting a band. Additionally, speakers in the café, corridor, toilets, mothers/ baby room and a link to the main auditorium. The café also has 2 TVs linked to advertising material or auditorium link. When presented with this project some key parameters were carefully considered, -functionality, multi-use, future proof and the usual one – budget.

The first challenge was how do I get every screen and speaker zone working, normally a video switcher and audio switcher is used i.e. 2 individual products. Then a control system is used for switching the sources on both products at the same time. One way of reducing costs was to combine all 3 into an Extron matrix switcher (combined audio DSP, video switcher and control system) This leads to the functionality and how the system gets used. Each classroom and café has a touch screen mounted near the light switch with pre-set mode/scene and advanced options for events that aren’t part of the normal everyday use.

Hotel Armitage, Tauranga

This project includes a restaurant, bar and two function rooms being refurbished, it consists of a projector and TV in the bar. Background music for 3 zones and can be played in the foyer, bar and restaurant. A wireless microphone gives the restaurant the ability to be used for weddings and other functions.

The 2 function rooms have projectors in each room and wireless microphones suited for meeting rooms and smaller functions. There is a dividing wall that can be removed combining both rooms and synchronising sound and vision enabling for larger events.


Upstairs we upgraded from analogue to HD digital in 80+ rooms (30 channels of Freeview and 4 channels of SKY).

St Mary's Cathedral, Tauranga

Alliance AV had serviced projectors in smaller venues and asked if we were up for the challenge of making the cathedral sound good. The challenge was to provide a good sounding public address system without the sound bouncing around the ceiling. “When people spoke it was unclear even if the volume was turned up” said Father Mark.

We decided to go with a German brand, appropriately called ‘Clear Voice Systems’. They consist of 2 3-meter steerable column array speakers. The Speakers allowed us to control the direction of the sound and stop it from reaching the ceiling. We proved to deliver the desired result of making the voices sound clearer.


Trustpower contacted us to consult regarding an issue that had been around since the beginning of their building being built. The problem was the existing video conference system in the main boardroom when used could not be heard clearly from the other people on the call. We installed a pair of ‘Clear One’ beamforming microphones one on the wall under the TVs and one in the ceiling grid. These microphones consist of multiple patterns and computer DSP in order to pick and choose which sound to listen to. 

We later added a second ceiling microphone as we noticed sometimes people sitting in the front seats close to the TV were turned around talking back into the room rather than the people on the video call.

We were really happy with the result and could move freely around the 30 seat conference table without dropouts.